Spiritual Direction

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Spiritual direction is something to experience, offering a holy pause; a time to reflect on how God is present in your daily life.  This process can increase the capacity for gratitude helping to develop more mindfulness about your intentions and how God is reflected in those intentions.  Spiritual direction invites you to realize more fully the intimacy of God and how that affects you.  The value of this can be empowering, encouraging you to be the person God calls you to be no matter what is happening in your life.  A spiritual director encourages you to reflect, notice, and respond.  Typically, people meet with a trained, certified spiritual director once a month.

Laura is a native Chicagoan, with a certificate in Spiritual Direction through the Christos Center for Spiritual Formation, and parishioner at SMIP.  Laura has a particular background in: Discernment and Decision Making; Making Sense of Suffering; Navigating major life transitions; Interfaith and ecumenical relationships; and Returning to God after a long hiatus. 

Contact: Laura Lies, MS at 630-699-9129 laura.lies@streamsgrace.com




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