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Adult Bible Study is an important part of our adult faith life.  Bible Study is more than learning about the Bible, how it came to be, and all the famous and infamous people between its covers.  It should improve the way we live our daily lives and inform our relationships with God and others.  It is a most critical way to build up our faith and prayer life.  Adult Bible Study offers the opportunity to improve our personal relationship with God the Father, Jesus His Son, and the Holy Spirit in six critical areas:

1.  Knowledge and faith:  Scripture and sacred tradition form the essential elements of our faith.  Both of these traditions will inform our relationship with God.  Each study will improve our overall understanding of the Old and New Testaments.
2.  Liturgical life:  Our experience and knowledge of the Bible will forever change our participation in Mass.  The Old Testament readings, Psalms, New Testament readings, and Gospel selections will become more valuable as we learn the context of the readings and see the connection between all of them.
3.  Moral formation:  Bible study will change us for the better.  When we learn to see ourselves in these timeless stories, we will change; for we are the people of God and the characters in His story.
4.  Prayer:  Our study of the Psalms and other books will change the way we pray and understand what we are praying!
5.  Communal life:  We will make new friends and enjoy a new found companionship as we travel to our heavenly home together.
6.  Missionary Spirit:  The Spirit will move us to reach out to others with our new found knowledge.  Our joy will be irrepressible.

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