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Married Couples


The beautiful Sacrament of marriage reflects the love of our Trinitarian God. Marriage is a unique and sacred relationship that requires a free, fruitful and faithful  and total gift of self.

The Theology of the Body lays out this beautiful call for all married couples to free them to experience a purposeful, joyful marriage as God intended!


A Message to Married Couples:






Blessed Pope John Paul II said “As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live”. It is crucial that families make Christ the center of their lives in order to become a school a love, a domestic Church that that shares the love of Christ!

The Theology of the Body serves to reveal the purpose of marriage and family and gives the blueprint for a purposeful, joy-filled marriage and family life. Families are called to be a witness to Christ in the world.


A Message to Parents:







Teens today face more struggles, temptations and challenges then every before. It is difficult in the midst of so many messages from society to know what is love? what was I created for? what does it mean to be a man or a woman?

The Theology of the Body sheds light on the answers to these basic questions teens have and frees them to live according to God’s plan for their lives!


Message to Teens:





Men play an important role in society. They are given a specific call to lead, protect and provide.

The Theology of the Body sheds light on the call of every man to “protect the dignity of women”, as Blessed Pope John Paul 2 states.

 It highlights how every man, starting with Adam, was created to receive women as a gift from God and live within His plan and order for their lives.


A Message to Men:






Women bring a unique gift and beauty to society. Blessed Pope John Paul calls this gift the feminine genius. In a society where women are objectified and their dignity is demeaned, it is hard for women to truly understand what their true purpose is.

Mary is the true model of authentic femininity.

 Women have the ability, as Mary did, to bring Christ to others. The Theology of the Body guides women to understand their desires and their purpose more fully.


Message to Women:



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